Our Beliefs

About Us:

  • We are a company of people who share a common desire to follow Jesus Christ. We have taken seriously the call to serve him in our homes, schools, work places, neighbourhood and the world.
  • We have declared our faith in Jesus publicly through being baptized.

About Jesus:

  • We believe that God chose to make Himself known to all people through Jesus, the person who split time into two.
  • During his life on earth, Jesus lived and taught what we regard as the “Good News.” His death on a cross outside Jerusalem and his unexpected resurrection broke for all time the power of sin and death.
  • His followers can rely by faith on the strength and presence of Jesus to deal with all of life’s inevitable challenges.
  • The fear of death is removed since Jesus opened the way to eternal life through his rising from the dead.


About our mission as followers of Jesus:

  • As followers of Jesus we do not have a ticket to be comfortable. We are called to serve Christ wherever we are, relying on his example to show us how to live .
  • Just as Jesus spent his time, preaching, teaching, helping and healing, our role is to do the same – to back up the news of God’s love for us shown through Christ with loving care for those in need, for sacrificial self giving for all who struggle and to exercise a life of prayer recognizing our dependence on God’s wisdom, mercy and grace.

About the Bible:

  • We rely on the Bible as our guide book, on the power of the Holy Spirit to live each day well, and the love of God to enable us to be a compassionate presence to all in need.
  • We refer to the Bible as “God’s Word” as we believe the contents have been crafted by God’s Spirit to teach us how God wants us to live, love and serve in His world