What time is your service?

We meet on Sunday mornings at 10 am.

What will the service be like?

Our desire is for the service to reflect our love for God. Within the service there will be a message that challenges us in our faith, music that offers praises to God, and an opportunity to pray together. On occasion there will be a drama, a special media feature, or a personal life story included in the service.

What is available for my kids?

refer to : https://portlandbaptist.org.au/ministries/children/

Where are the services located?

Address: Corner of New and Learmonth Streets Portland

How long does a service last?

Typically a service will last approximately 1 hour.

What do I wear to a service?

People who come to Portland Baptist dress as they choose, and for many, that means casual. You will find some people wear ties while others wear jeans.

Will I have to say anything, give anything, or be singled out in any way?

At Portland Baptist you can rest assured that you will never be put on the spot, pressured to give anything, and never embarrassed. We do have a greeting time at the beginning of our service, so don’t be surprised if someone greets you. Also, you are encouraged to stay after the service for morning tea.

Who is invited?

Everyone is welcome! Whether you are just checking out what it might mean for you to become more spiritual or are looking for a place to plug-in while in Portland, or are a long-time follower of Jesus…there’s a place for you here!

What kind of church is this?

Portland Baptist is a church that is focused on sharing the love of Jesus with our community. Our motto is, “Enjoying God, Blessing Others.” We are excited about worship, committed to providing care and support for one another, and enthusiastic about sharing God’s grace with people who live in our community.